Targets for Alternative Education

Alternative education should bring out everything possible from the children that take it. The outcome from the education program should be to take the child to their highest possible level in their education. The way to reach the top level varies from child-to-child and by the method of the alternative education. A child may be moved from regular education, either fully or partially, in order to teach them in a better and more conducive environment then the one they are in. It may be due to educational problems, a disability or an illness. The new environment and regime will take into account as many of the child’s problems as is possible, although not all can always be covered as it would mean a school having to cover too many parameters.


If a child is struggling within the school system and needs limited help then the alternative education will be to help them catch up with their peers and to be able to understand the subjects better. The targets will be to have the child experiencing the lessons with their age group as soon as is possible without having the child struggle. If the child is struggling in core subjects due to an educational condition then the program will be aimed accordingly. The same applies for children that have a condition such as ADHD or autism.


If a child has a condition that means they can’t cope within a regular school system then they may be moved to a special school where their needs can better met. The special school will offer a smaller pupil-to-teacher ratio and will offer smaller classes. This means the child will have a chance to improve and possibly attend a regular school, if not they will be worked to their full potential for when they leave school.

The target for all pupils in alternative education is to reach their full potential, whether in a regular school or in a special education school. Some pupils will not achieve regular examination standards due to their physical or mental limitations but should be able to be tested within their own limitations. The targets will always be the same, to stretch the child as far as they can go. Every child can learn something and can hopefully improve thanks to the alternative education system. The lessons will have to be altered accordingly and even the location of the teaching may have to change but in the end adaptation will work for those it’s intended for. It means extra effort but it will bring rewards when done well.