Teach Colors

Perhaps the best part of homeschooling is that you can teach your child any way you want, and make learning a really enjoyable experience. By using activities that your child loves to do, learning can be integrated without your child realizing he’s learning! Teaching colors can be a very fun activity. Whether you’re teaching a preschooler basic colors or a kindergartener more advanced colors, there are so many different fun activities you can use to teach colors. Coloring, walking outside, and building blocks are just three ways for you to teach colors.

Most children love to color. You can either offer your child a coloring book, or merely use a piece of paper. Construction paper in different colors can also be used. When you give the child the paper, tell them what color it is: “Let’s color on this pink paper.”

Limit the crayons to three different colors. Start by telling your child, “Here’s a blue crayon.” As they begin to color with that color, ask them what they’re drawing. Be sure to say the name of the color each time: “What are you going to draw that’s blue?” or “That’s a beautiful blue ball.” After the picture is finished, ask them to describe each part of the picture to you: “Tell me about the red flower.” Repetition at this age is really important to a child learning. Say the colors to the child, have them say the color, and then have them describe what they colored with each color.

If your child likes to be outside, walking around in your yard, the park, or down the street can be a great lesson plan activity for teaching colors. Point out colors in everything you see: the green grass, the white car, the pink flowers or the red bird. After you have pointed out a few colors, ask them what color things are. For example, you have pointed out green, white, pink and red; ask what colors the leaves on the trees are. Getting your child involved is very important. Active participation in a conversation with you ensures your child is absorbing and retaining the color names.

A third suggestion for teaching colors lesson plans is to use building blocks. Building blocks encourage creativity, and since they come in a variety of bright colors, they can easily be used to teach colors to your child. Again, repetition is vital at this age; therefore, start out by spreading out blocks, and pointing out colors to your child. While building, ask your child’s opinion: “Do you think the green block should come next, or the red?” This will also help develop creative skills, as well as decision making skills.

Teaching colors can be a simple activity. Incorporating every day activities such as coloring, walking outside and playing with building blocks is a great way to teach colors. The important thing to remember is to tell your child the colors, ask your child to tell you the colors, then asking your child to find an object of a certain color. Involving your child in a conversation will let you know that the knowledge is being absorbed.