Teaching Children how to use the Library

“There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all.” Jacqueline Kennedy. Reading begets leading. Both reading and leading can be initiated in the library. A library is an organized source of information resources for end users. It is not enough to visit the library, it is important to understand how to harness the numerous resources in the library. For effectiveness, teach your child how to use the library at a tender age.

Organize a library tour

Organizing a tour is very helpful in showing the kids around and teaching them some fundamentals about the library such as, the various sections of the library, the available resources in the library and how to gain access to these resources. During the tour, it is very important to show the kids resource available for them. Getting the kids acquainted with the library plants a seed of confidence in them and they will want to visit the library themselves some other time.

Sign up for a library card

Encourage your kid to get a library; this can be done with your assistance. Talk to the librarian or the issuing department in the library and sign your kid up for a library card. In case your kid is too young to get a card, you can get one for yourself and check out useful materials that will benefit the kid at home. Getting a library card for your child can make the child feel special as he appreciates his new identity and will want to prove it by going to the library.

Teach your children how to care for books

Never allow books to be left on the floor or tossed around. Get a book shelf for your kid and encourage him to always arrange his books on the shelf. Teach your kid to appreciate books and care for them like he would care for his toys. If this is properly done, your kid will exhibit this same character in the library.

Encourage your child to visit the library frequently

If your child has a library card, encourage him to frequently visit the library. Also encourage him to read at the library every week or two and also to borrow books from the library. This helps the kid to be independent so that he can source information on his own.

Teach him to be courteous

A library is meant to be quiet so that other users can be satisfied. Teach your child to be courteous whenever he is in the library. Discourage him from discussing, playing loud music or doing anything that would distract other library users. Teach him to curtail his freedom while in the library.

 Attend seminars and programs organized by the library

Some libraries organize seminars to assist students about research and those who are preparing term papers or assignments. This event helps your kid to know more about the library as questions can also be asked during the lecture. Ask your librarian for dates of such seminars and special event that will benefit your kid.

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” Frederick Douglass.  Teaching your kid to make good use of the library helps to bring out the leader in the kid.