Teaching Gifted Children

The best way to treat gifted children is to not make them stand out from the rest but to show them privately they are special. Most gifted children will know they are better then their contemporaries but wont want to shout about it. They will be able to work quicker then the others and may understand quicker so make use of this for your benefit as well as the children’s. Maybe allow the gifted child to help others or maybe to be involved in group discussions that the gifted child could lead. How you do this depends on the children’s ages and the subjects being taught.


One way to make the best use of all the pupils is to guide the work towards the standards and levels of all pupils. If you have a question and answer session then guide the questions towards the pupils most likely to give a good answer. Most importantly aim the difficulty towards the right people so all have a chance to answer some questions, even the least able will do if asked the right things. This way all children will feel included in the sessions and the divide will feel less to all pupils.


If you can safely divide up work individually then you can challenge the pupils accordingly . Either give all the children the same questions and then alter your expectations depending on the pupils ability or have different questions for different pupils which is ability based. It can cause extra work for teachers but will be worth it in the end. Use the division to give different home work as well if its practical to do so, especially if the child enjoys doing extra work. Speak to the child’s parents to sort out a scheme to work to in order to do the best for all concerned.


You will have to decide with other teachers and the families involved to see how you work with the gifted children personally. It needs to be decided if the gifted children are told and reminded how special they are or if you carry on normally but use some of the things I mentioned before. You have to decide how the personality of the child may change and also how it will it affect the relationship of the gifted child and their peers. Its a complicated situation that needs to be carefully managed, done correctly it will help all concerned in different ways. The less gifted may strive to catch up with a gifted friend and the gifted child may find him or herself more able to mix with the other children if they feel less different.