Teaching Methods for Homeschoolers

Parents use many different methods to teach their children while homeschooling. Providing a varied approach can keep the lessons interesting for children and help them to pick up the information. Use the following ideas.

Hands-on activities

Many kids learn better by doing than by just hearing. If you are teaching a young child about the importance of sharing, for instance, then do not just tell them. You can let them practice sharing something. You can also have them role play what you are teaching them. If you are teaching about helping others, then have them act out ways in which they can do that.  

If you are teaching about astronomy, then buy a telescope and let your child look through it. If you are teaching your children about the solar system, then have them do an arts and crafts project with Styrofoam balls to make their own solar system model. Let them do their own scientific experiments. Have them write their own poems instead of just reading about those of others.


Games and schooling may not seem like they go together, but they can. Your kids may enjoy learning more if you make it fun. If you are reviewing information like vocabulary words to memorize, then make it into a trivia game show, complete with little prizes.

Use computers

You can use computers in your homeschooling methods. There are many programs such as Reader Rabbit that can help you teach your children. A lot of kids love interacting with the computer, and you will find online programs at websites like those of PBS. If you are teaching an older child about graphic arts, then you can let them practice themselves on the computer.  

Visual aids

There are many visual aids that you can use in your homeschooling teaching methods. You can get photographs and illustrations of the principles that you are trying to teach. For instance, if you are teaching about astronomy, then you can get pictures from the Hubble telescope.


Even though the term is homeschooling, the schooling can occur in many more places than just the home. It may be something simple such as taking your child outside to look at the plants in the backyard when teaching about botany. It may be taking him or her to a science museum when learning about chemistry. When you teach him or her about history, instead of doing so with textbooks, take him or her to a foreign country if you can. The more you can take him or her to show them things, the better.

There are many great homeschooling teaching techniques that can help you with your child. Learn what your children respond best to and try those methods.