Teaher Hair Costmetelogoy Teacher

There are some simple things you can do to become a costomology teacher. If you have no prior expeirence first you will want to get some trainging. You can start by contacting your local beauty school and find out how to enroll in classes.

By being a teacher it would be a good idea to be well educated in all areas of beauty including hair,nails, ects. You will want to stay update for all the newest trends in hairstyle so that you become more equiped to help your students. After you have finsihed your schoooling or if you have already went through schooling, you may want to start by working in a salon for awhile then after you have some experience you want to put together a professional looking resume if you don’t have the extra money to have someone to do it for you you can use microsoft office you can go to their website and use their templates it will take you step by step to put together a resume once you’ve done that print several copies out you will want to save the orginal somewhere so you will have it again if needed.Once you have your resume together, you may want to start out at the beauty school you attened they are often looking for teachers. You can also check at the employment office in your area they may have some places where you can check on.

After you have searched through the scools and you have one picked out you will need to make an appoitment with the director and go in person to talk to him/her. They can help you to find out if there is any finacial aid avialable and will show you how to fill the paperwork out for that. A trade like this one is one that requires both head knowledge and hands on experience and with a good beauty school you can get both.

Normally most beauty schools will different levels, usually the first few months or however long each school does things just a little differently so it may vary but anyway usually the firsrt few months it’s classroom learning this usually requires so many credit hours, then there is hands on learning where you can practice on a doll head , then after you have done so many hours of both book education and hands on practice most beauty schools have an actual salon that is open to the public this is usally where the students will work to get the hands on experience. There is a series of test that has to be past before the student is actually placed in the salon.

Usually depedning on the program of the school you have choosen it may take between 1 to 2 years to get to where you begin working in the salon. When you do start working in the salon the hours you work go towards credit hours for you class. After you have completed everything before you receive your certifacte there is one big test it’s sort of like the final exam .