The Benefits of becoming a Mentor to Teens

Guiding our youth: Mentor’s matter

Having children as a teen, is by far one of the most difficult stories for me to communicate. I, just as my mother before me, was at a young and vulnerable time in my youth, when I conceived my first child at age 15. I was a teenager, angry at the world for what I believed to be a miserable life. Raised in poverty by young parents who ran away together from their own past lives; I grew up lost and alone. These experiences however have given me an insight into several factors. I do not feel burdened by my past. I believe in a true sense that my past has planned for my future. I am focused on helping others like me, and in particular, I hope to work with youth.
Today, I have come to a point in my life where I have learned the realities of several aspects of a difficult life. I feel rather experienced in the area of teen pregnancy. The issues leading to it, the issues young mothers will face, and many of the hardships they will endure.
Teen pregnancy, the causes, and the effects, are goals I wish to focus on in my studies. I strongly believe that my own personal experience, and the fact that I myself have over come so much, will be a precious teaching tool in my future. They say empathy is putting your self in the shoes of another to understand what they are feeling. I believe experience and heart places empathy at the top of my being.
Although I still carry much emotion, I whole-heartedly feel that detailed connections with others are necessary to not only the soul, but many times, for continued learning and growth. I continue to feel that with my own passion for communication and human connections; I will not only flourish into everything I was born to be, but I will also enable others to strive toward healing connections in their own worlds.
My future goals are not limited to the focus on teen pregnancy alone. I yearn to be a helping hand to abused and neglected children who try to grow up in a world where all too often, no one is there to guide them with heart in the process of life. I want to help the children who are lonely and sad. The ones who are born to addicted parents and the ones who do not get the opportunities they watch other children thrive in.
Working with children, as in mentoring programs, can be a detrimental link for lost and lonely children. I personally would like to see more of our college’s offer public programs such as the big brother-big sister program that connects college students with local youth. This program is a mentoring relationship, where college student’s can be a big part of a child or adolescent’s life.
The majority of teen parents come from lonely and or abusive homes. Often, they reach out to whoever will love them and provide the attention they desire. If there were more youth exposure to caring people who could introduce them to better ways and guide them beyond their loneliness, I strongly believe our youth would have more of a chance to make better choices to feed their hearts.
Income class also plays a vital role for our youth. I have seen several very good and intelligent children who are continuously denied opportunities that would give them added personal value and better life chances to thrive in society. They often lack in these rights because their parents cannot afford the better things. It seems to me that life isn’t very fair to our youth in need, and all too often, our youth are aimlessly driven to places they really wouldn’t have chosen if they were born to better life chances.
I have explored in depth, my past as well as all the factors within it that ultimately placed me in an income and social class where I choose not to be. Because of the mentor’s I have had and still am lucky enough to look to; I have come to believe that even the paths that begin in turmoil do not end there. Human development is a constant and life long process that enables us to continuously change and evolve into what we will. I believe in the support of three necessary factors of this growth especially for child and adolescent times. Mentors are very important in this process because parents do not always provide. I believe in love, knowledge, and in God. Do you have the heart to be a mentor and make an impact on even one child who needs you?