The Benefits of becoming a Mentor to Teens

Mentoring as Christians

All day I have thought about what is happening in society to our young people and if there is anything anyone can do. I believe we can one child at a time if as parents and grandparents we offer ourselves to them as mentors and take time to talk with them in Christian love.

Realizing that many reading this will say, “Oh she is just another religious fanatic,” does not matter to me. We have too many Christians who will not stand up for what they think is right is why this country has gotten in the shape it is in right now. Being politically correct has gotten to the point of being sickening.
No one wants to hear or read what the Bible says on any subject they are turning deaf ears and blinded eyes to the topics of morality and truth. As in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah are the times of today.

We have seen and heard so much that society is numb to the things going on right under our noses and before our eyes. Did we not have enough sin in this world for our young people to be enticed by that we have to now open up every avenue of corruption unto them to explore to make it even more impossible for them to go down a road that is straight. Provocative, risque ways to dress, butch and gothic ways to dress, lascivious and lustful thoughts as well as many evil thoughts that are sometime acted upon,
combined with the elements of drugs, alcohol, pornography, mutilating their bodies with all-over tattoos, body piercing and the overwhelming pressure to try the gay lifestyle is killing our young people by destroying their minds and in turn is destroying today’s moral values in our society. Modesty and respect for one’s body which is the temple we live in here on earth has been lost by so many. It is far more courageous to stay within the norm of how young people are supposed to act and look than it is to give over to being one that is determined to stand out in the crowd as goth, gay or tattooed all over.

Parents wake-up and be parents to your children. If you have been too lenient in allowing them to try anything they so choose,see if you can start to deter it before it is too late. If these young people who have all-over body tattooing decides ten years from now that they no longer want to look that way and ask you why you let them do that to themselves, what will you tell them? What about the tiny rosebuds that will blossom into full fledged roses as the young lady puts on weight ten years from now. Or the name of a special boy or girl on the teenagers arm and then they marry another won’t be too nice for the spouse.

Be strong enough to explain to them that is not something that you can abide by. Be the parents they need, not the buddies they want to hang out with. If your daughter or son who are barely teenagers decide they are gay have compassionate extensive talks with them, take them to a professional therapist, or take them to a minister but don’t so casually dismiss it or think it is perfectly alright,because it may be something they want you to really talk to them about and guide them another way.

Don’t agree for them to go that route. Too many are choosing that way because it is “cool” to them or peer pressure is enticing them to try it. Love them through the crisis and teach them that that lifestyle is sin, but sin of homosexuality can be forgiven just as any other sin except one. Teach them about the Bible and that Jesus loves them but wants a better life for them. Teach them why God made man and woman for each other and that it was essentially for procreation. Teach them there is more to life that sex exploration.

Teach them there is a movement underway to undermined everything that the Bible stands for from the creation to the ways of salvation. The movement wants to do away with life as a Christian knows it. Everything that was once wrong is now right and everything that was once right is now wrong. That should not be. Our country was founded on the belief in God and all the good and moral things that go along with it. Some want to deny that fact or misconstrue it. Back in the fifties things were not perfect but the TV shows were clean, positive and taught morality in a light and easy way to understand. The commercials were the same way. Too much has changed since then and no one can say it is for the better, with all the advancement in technology has come a generation of people who solely live for fun and entertainment.They can see and hear anything they choose to and some have no restrictions to the use of a computer which can be the ruination of their lives for the Internet is infiltrated with the worst of society preying on the young in many ways. Parents check on what your children are viewing and who they may be talking to for their safety’s sake.

Beside all the monitoring and guidance you give them think about taking them to church somewhere that teaches the Bible and is not afraid to teach it. They need to learn about a God that loves them but also the same God will not be mocked and used. Teach them about an evil one called Satan or the Devil who is ready to take them to a place that is not where they will be happy to be. Teach them that there is a real Hell to shun and a Heaven to gain if they choose to do God’s will in their life. Their life can be so much better if they choose to follow Him rather than what the secular society is offering. Surely no one would disagree that following the commandments of the Bible and the Beatitudes as well as the greatest commandment of all to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and “to love thy neighbor as thyself” is far better than the paths so many are taking today.

“We are living in a society,” I heard a man say, “where women worry more about transgressing the fashion of today than they do about transgressing the laws of God.” If that is true then it is sad. Men seem to worry about every thing that has a motor in it that can be started and revved up, or anything else that can bring them FUN. Life is not all about fun although life is meant to be enjoyed, but things is not the answer. It is easy to see then how little children have more toys than ever in history because the parents love so many material things themselves. When the children are tired of the playthings they can hardly be given away but end up in landfills, as does the excesses of things their parents have over accumulated. Vanity and pride are in excess in society and often determines if young people fit in with the right crowd and will only if they have the social status of having money and things. That has always been part of a segment of society’s rules. With the love of God in ones life a child can learn that they are just as good as the next person and can find peace within themselves that society cannot give them.

If there are any young people reading this I pray with all my heart that you look to God for guidance and do not jump into a lifestyle that is morally and ethically wrong for you. Remember what you do today will help determine who you are tomorrow. Choose God’s way and live the happiest life you’ve ever known, for He loves you so much that He gave His son to die for your sins and my sins and all mankind. Read about Him, study about Him, talk to Him, pray to Him He is as close as your next breath and the next batting of your eyelids.