The Benefits of Homeschooling

Many families have turned to homeschooling for the benefits and advantages over traditional schooling.  These families have found that they can tailor an educational plan, around their children’s needs. It has been proven again and again, that children do not all learn in the same way. Yet, traditional school continue teach lessons geared toward only one type of learner . In large classrooms with only one teacher, there is often little other choice. In a homeschool environment, a parent is able to find the most successful teaching method for each individual child. Creative homeschooling families have come up with many different methods for teaching. Children that are fidgety and that do not like to sit for long periods of time, could be taught multiplication tables while hopping on one leg. This act of motion may actually help the fidgeting child retain the information. The same child forced to sit in a chair to memorize the table, may never be able to do so. A homeschool can accommodate different learning styles, giving the child a better chance to learn.

Homeschool families can also teach their children about life after school. When a child graduates traditional school they are often very proficient at test taking. This is because, they have spent most of their lives being tested for knowledge. The problem with this is, these children need to know how to go out and survive in the real world. A world where there is no test to study for. In the real world, if a person fails at managing they do not receive an F, they rack up hundreds of dollars in bank fees. Children that come out of schools often were not taught simple tasks, the ones required of the average adult to live a productive life. Homeschool children can be involved in how the family handles finances and makes decisions. This is part of schooling when your school revolves around home and family life.

Another benefit of homeschooling is being able to get as involved or uninvolved in a subject that you like. Most people do not retain information they are not interested in learning. Many adults talk about hating math. They learned just enough to get through school and then forgot it all. They now live perfectly acceptable lives relying on calculators and staying away from algebraic equations. Homeschool families have realized that, and want to teach their children what they love. Instead of spending even amounts of time in each subject, a homeschool family can dive deep into American history for a history buff. This allows the child to become very knowledgeable in a subject they may retain, and continue to love as they grow older. If that child needed to stop studying the revolution to study math, they may not ever learn much about either subject. They also will never have the chance to develop a deep appreciation for a subject. Children in traditional schools, that are very involved in a subject ,often have to spend time studying the subject outside of school.

A favorite advantage of most homeschooling parents is the ability to slow down. Taking a beautiful afternoon off, just to enjoy spending time in nature is always a possibility. There is so much to be learned from our world, that is not found in books. Seeing the colors of fall and how they blend together over a landscape, is truly something a person must see not just read about. Taking each moment at a slow pace and learning from the world around you is not something that will be forgotten in a few years. It is a way of learning that will stick with children their entire lives.