The Benefits of Homeschooling

Homeschooling is often looked down upon, frowned upon, or just completely unknown to many parents. Why, I even know my own mother did not know about homeschooling until a classmate from my school suddenly left to take up his education that way. It was intriguing to us. We didn’t know that option was possible, but it seemed worth it.

You see, it was during a time my parents were getting a divorce. My mother, once a stay at home mom, had to take up work as a custodian in the public school system of our town. My four other siblings and I were used to her being around, being there when the bus stopped, and there in the morning when the bus left. It was all suddenly gone, and she had hardly any time to spend with her kids. We were all very saddened by this, and it seemed the family was slowly separating. That was, of course, until we discovered this new method of teaching. We researched it greatly, and began our homeschooling at first on computer discs.

The next year we chose to instead use teaching books, the only reason being that the computer was an uncomfortable and tricky environment to learn on. Especially for me at the time. The books, however, were ideal. They were small sections of reading and questions that were great for learning. They came in four subjects. The normal language arts, math, science, and history. We would normally get all our school work in the day completed in less than three hours time, instead of the normal seven hours you spend in school, filled with enemies and peer pressure.

After a few years, my mother was talking to one of her coworkers who had quite a situation with her own child. He was deeply depressed by school and his grades were plunging when he used to be an excellent student. He despised school, something he used to love. My mother explained the homeschooling system to her and the coworker pulled her son from his public school. There was an immediate change. He was learning again, in a safe and happy environment, and even bonding with his mother.

There are plenty of benefits of homeschooling, and if you are stuck on worrying about socializing your child, perhaps see if they would like to join a local club, but I would not worry too much about it all. Any problems I have socializing (slightly shy) are not because of my homeschooling, as I was certainly the exact same way in the public schools.