The Benefits of Homeschooling

We’ve been homeschooling for 10 years. We love it! Here is a list of benefits for us:

Stronger Family Bonds – the family grows stronger as siblings and parents spend more time together; learning, exploring, and discovering together as a team

Learning Styles – tailor curriculum to the child’s learning style and to their individual pace of learning; in our home, one child is a visual learner and the other is a tactile/kinetic learner; so for one a typical workbook approach to math works great, but the other child needed manipulatives and objects to better grasp mathematical concepts

Pursue Interests – can incorporate each child’s passions/hobbies/interests into the curriculum; this keeps the child more engaged and motivated in their studies; allows the child to explore their interests and discover if it is really something they want to continue delving into

Tutor – more individual attention for each child; children are not in a typical classroom situation with one teacher for 25 or more kids; almost a 1 on 1 learning situation (depending on number of children)

Self Discipline – as my kids became older, they have learned to manage their own time and how to seek any additional information they may need to complete their studies; they know how to independently research the answer before asking for help

Safety – my children are better protected from outside influences like bullies, bad language, cigarettes, violence, drugs, etc

Flexible Schedule – can take full days or half days off as needed – for vacations, sickness, out-of-town guests, short notice opportunities, volunteer activities; For example, we travel to Disneyland during a week in December while everyone is in school, so we encounter no crowds; My oldest works one morning a week babysitting at church and does her school work in the afternoon instead

Value System – more opportunities to pass on the parents’ value or belief system; can spend teaching about religion, manners, right & wrong, politics, etc

Peers – the peer influence and desire to "fit in" is not as important; my kids have many friends in their community, support groups, church, and sports programs, but the desire to impress peers is very minimal; they are independent thinkers

I’m sure there are more benefits, but this is what quickly came to mind.