The Benefits of Online Schools

The Benefits of Online Schools.

The benefits to pursuing a collage degree online are many and varied. Online schools allow working adults, parents, and people who live in remote areas the chance to go to school without moving away from their homes. Military personnel are able to get a degree easier now while serving their countries because of online schools. Without online degree programs some people would never have been able to attend collage let alone graduate with a degree.

Adults who are employed full time don’t always have a great deal of free time to pursue things such as a college degree. Going back to school and earning a degree is even more difficult if the potential student has young children in the household as well. The ability to pursue a degree online opens many doors for working adults. I am not familiar with how every universities online programs work I did however graduate from the University of Phoenix Online and am very familiar with their program. The online program at the University of Phoenix allows the student the ability to attend classes, work on projects, and submit their work on their own time. Meaning the student may be logged into the classroom or working on work at 9am, 2pm, or 1am depending on when they have the time. This is an amazing benefit and allows working adults who work any type of hours the ability to enroll in or return to collage. Along with the flexible hours the University of Phoenix professors always submit a schedule at the beginning of semester and a more detailed one at the beginning of each week that outlines what needs to be done along with deadlines for each assignment. This allows the online student to be prepared ahead of time and if need be even complete assignments early.

The unique thing with the University of Phoenix is that they expect the student to integrate what they are learning in each class into their daily work and to integrate their daily work into what they are learning in class. The student then shares online with the other students how they used the learned material, their experience in using it, and how well it worked for them in their everyday working environment. The students in the class are then encouraged to ask questions amongst each other, discuss and explain their experiences, and help each other understand the topic at hand. I found this to be very beneficial in helping me learn and understand the topics being taught along with giving me a better understanding of my own job in the process. This also allowed the students to see how the subject that was being taught was used in real life situations other then ones that were familiar to us by seeing it used by other students in their daily work. This was instrumental to me in learning each topic by giving me a wide range of real life situational experiences in which to draw knowledge from. For instance each class you take would have around 20 students in it. Generally each student would work in a different career field. Every assignment that was received in class was then worked on by each of the 20 students then submitted to the classroom where the rest of the class would be able to see it which means that for every assignment given we would then be able to see answers from 20 different perspectives. To me this was an amazing benefit and helped me get a deep understanding of each topic covered.

I have stated just a few of the benefits online schools have to offer. Many more benefits could be brought up and discussed and I am sure there are many other benefits that I did not even personally encounter. I would recommend an online school to any working adult out there who has always wanted to get a collage degree but never knew how to go about making it happen.