The Benefits of Online Schools

I’m writing this article from the experience of myself because I’m currently attending the University of Phoenix on-line which gives you the option to complete your education at home or on campus. I chose to complete my education at home because it’s more convenient for me since I don’t live that close to the university to attend classes on site. The University of Phoenix has two locations that I know of, one is in Madison, WI and the second is in Phoenix, AZ. Occasionally I will drive to Madison to go to the campus because I needed help with homework or to complete assignments that I wasn’t able to complete at home.

Another benefit to attending an on-line school is being able to have an earlier graduation than you would if attending the university on site. I began my associates degree in late 2006 and am expected to complete the first half of my degree in August 2007. I’m majoring in Health Care Administration which is my Bachelor’s Degree. The second part of my education will start soon after I complete my Associates and will last until about the middle of 2008. This degree should be a four year degree but I’m able to complete it in two years.

If you have a busy lifestyle with working and taking care of your family this could be another benefit to attending school on-line. I have one child myself who is in school, but I also live with my parents still so they pretty much get him off to school for me. I have nothing to worry about in that area, but having a full time job and attending classes makes it more convenient for me to be able to stay home and work on my education. The weather too is another factor and a benefit to taking classes on-line, especially since I live about a half an hour from campus.

So there you have it, on-line education is a more convenient way to complete you degree, but everybody has there own opinions. Some may feel that attending classes on campus would benefit them more than being on-line because they like that one on one with the instructor.