The Elements that can Fail you in an Online Training course

Online learning has become a trend for the future and the technology used for online learning can be seen expanding at a phenomenal rate. The online learning as we knew few years back no longer exist and the technologies that make up such learning platforms will now offer much more interactive experiences with more sense of social presence for its learners.

Although these technologies and the instructional design strategies change and adapt to bring the most effective learning experience, unless the online learners adhere to certain principles such as suitable time scheduling, learning through collaboration, keeping the motivation and resource management, it would be a hard job to continue learning through such learning modalities.

But, it seems that many online learners who start off do not realize the necessary requirements for continuing through this learning mode and due to this reason, many learners dropout for various reasons. At the same time, failure rates can also be high among followers of certain online training programme than among its face-to-face counterparts. Therefore, it is necessary for these learners to know what can make them fail in an online learning environment which would be unique to the said distance learning mode. Let us now discuss some of these elements one by one.


Poor time management skills will make the online learners to fail meeting deadlines and therefore could be penalized by the particular institute. Although many provide support and flexibility for the students to address this issue, the ones who follow strict guidelines may make the students to repeat the same module or the section at a later stage.


Discussion forums are one of the important learning instances of an online training program and poor participation in these forums may lead to failures. Therefore, making sure to login to these discussion forums and contribute will not only help you learn but would also promote collaborative learning as well.


Even though you participate in the forums, unless you contribute something which is useful to the learning process, the course tutors may not think your contributions are worthy and therefore may not pass you in a particular course or a module.


This is one offence many institutes would not tolerate and it is so easy for an online learner to copy paste content from the internet into online assignments and submissions without placing appropriate references to its source. Such acts of plagiarism may lead to failures in most online courses.

Apart from the above, there may be other elements which can lead to failures and before embarking on any online course, the students need to make sure what they are suppose to do and what they are NOT entitled to do.