The Evolution of Homeschooling in the us

Abraham Lincoln is thought to be one of the greatest leaders this country has ever had; possibly one of the greatest the world has ever known. Abraham Lincoln was schooled at home. And he became a lawyer and sixteenth president of the United States. Was his schooling a success? By all means.

Some time after Abraham Lincoln’s school days, those who taught, decided that not only did adults need to be formally taught, but so did little children. It wasn’t the mothers and fathers who made this decision, but those who themselves had been formerly taught.

For what turned out to be a very long time, this was the status quo. The only people not being forced to go to public school were the disabled; the blind, the deaf and speechless. Or those who were deemed mentally retarded. If they received an education, it was by tutors or parents teaching them, at home.

However, a few years ago, only about twenty or thirty, a change began to happen. Some parents decided that they no longer wanted their children to attend public school. They were disappointed in the results obtained from a public school education. And they preferred not to send their children to religious schools or they lacked the money to send them to private or parochial schools. What is more, they wanted to teach their children, not leave that to others.

Or perhaps they didn’t like the atmosphere at the little red school house. Too many children were undisciplined and violent. Some parents didn’t want their child to associate with these violent children, or were concerned with their safety. There were parents also that were unhappy with what their children were being taught. There were many reasons why some parents decided to keep their children at home.

But there were those people who didn’t like this fact. Who were they? The educators, the public school teachers and principals. After all, they make their money teaching America’s children and the government gives them money based on how many attend classes. So these ones fought against parents who wanted to teach their own children at home. They made the claim that parents were unable to teach their children successfully. And they appealed to the government, to the local authorities, the truant officer.

Many home-schooling parents faced the sheriff or his deputy unless they sent their little ones off on the school bus. Some were jailed. A few were actually killed. It was a bad situation.

However, the parents didn’t give up or give in to the pressures. They fought it out in the courts. They began to grow in numbers. Some pointed out that the Constitution gives the right to parents to decide who will teach their children, to which school they will go. And it worked.

Today, there are thousands of parents across the United States who home-school their children. Some from day one through high school graduation. Others choose to begin at home and then allow the teen to attend public school to finish the last few grades.

As the government has seen that this works and that a lot of these young ones go on to colleges and universities, they have made it easier for the parents to teach their children at home. And some institutions of higher learning have discovered many are well-learned and are giving scholarships to these children.

Home-schooling has come full circle. From Alexander the Great, to Abraham Lincoln to our children today in this year 2008, home-schooling reaps good rewards. The tide will most likely never turn back. On the contrary, more and more parents are making the choice to home-school.