The Frustrations Faced by a Home School Mother

Being a home school mother can be very satisfying.  It not only allows you to spend more time with your children, it also gives you control over their education.  However, while being a home school mother can bring very many rewards, there are also frustrations.  Here is an overview of some of the frustrations that home school mothers may face.

Being at home all day

For a home school mother, the majority of the time is spent in the same place- the home.  Although there are benefits to this, such as saving time and money on travel and childcare, it can also be frustrating to be in the same place day in day out without a change of environment.

Not having a break from the children

Many home school mothers have chosen to home school their children so that they can all be together as a family.  However, being with children all day every day without a break can be tiring and frustrating.

Stress from the responsibility

Being a parent is a massive responsibility already, but the additional responsibility of ensuring that your child has an appropriate and sufficient education to be able to succeed in life can add additional frustrations in life.  

Lack of social opportunities

Many people get their social experiences through the workplace and their colleagues.  Many home school mothers do not work outside of the home and are therefore limited in their social opportunities.


It can be difficult for home school mothers to keep on top of all their responsibilities.  People often mistakenly assume that home school mothers have an easy life with plenty of time to sit about.  The reverse is usually true.  Home education takes a lot of time and dedication.  In between educating the children, a home school mother also has her other household and family responsibilities to take care of as well as any other commitments and responsibilities.  It can be a great frustration trying to keep to a routine.

Finding materials

Planning work and finding materials for the various subjects studied can be hugely frustrating for a home school mother.  This is particularly the case if they are trying to vary the types of materials used to enhance the learning experience of their child.  

Attitudes of others

Many home school parents will tell you that one of the biggest frustrations that they face is the attitudes of others.  There are mixed attitudes to home schooling and home school mothers often have to respond to the negative views of others about their choice of education for their children.