The Leading Edge of Online Mentorship

The Leading Edge Of Online Mentorship

Are you an online mentor? Or maybe your level of interest lies in being mentored online?
Either way, this article is for you!

“What are the benefits of online mentoring?”

Online mentoring is growing daily, all around the world. There are a rapidly increasing number of online mentors and people who are being mentored online, because the use of the internet continues to expand globally.

Note that there are still problems that can arise with respect to using the internet. Even computer technicians and web designers are not exempt from issues of some kind. But rather than delve into those, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of being or having an online mentor.

1. A degree of anonymity allows a more distant relationship.

Working as an online mentor, allows you access to the person who you are mentoring, but in a less personal way. This can work to your advantage, because you are less likely to get too personally involved when you are mentoring someone, or being mentored. This can be appropriate for those who do not like to work too closely with others.

2. You get to work at your own speed.

Working at your own speed, whether you are the mentor or the one being mentored, can be to your advantage. Very few people actually work exactly the same way, or at the same pace, so being able to work at your own pace is important.

3. There are fewer distractions and interruptions.

When you mentor online or are being mentored online, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary interruptions that might occur in a classroom setting. You can work together on a one-to-one basis for a designated period of time, or if you prefer to do so, you can go online or offline when it is appropriate. A problem can arise if there are difficulties at home, or if there are interruptions that occur on the internet. Other technical computer issues can arise also. Having the appropriate computer skills is important for both the mentor and the person being mentored.

4. There is instant access to resource material through search engines.

When you are mentoring online or being mentored, should a question arise, it is possible for either person to access instant resource information through search engines, without breaking the internet connection. A word of caution is in order too, because sometimes search engines can lead a person doing research, in a totally different direction. This can be good under the right circumstances, but less than ideal at other times.

5. Files can be transferred instantly between the mentor and the person who is being mentored.

Because files can be created, saved and transferred quickly, the mentor has many advantages. It is easy to assess how the person being mentored is doing academically. It is also easy to test that person. A certain level of skill is required in order to be able to do that properly, but it is beneficial as the person being mentored can receive an immediate response, rather than having to wait for papers to be marked and returned.

6. There is instant access to literary tools.

Having access to literary tools on computers is beneficial to both the mentor and the person being mentored. For example, a spell check device can resolve spelling issues. A thesaurus is useful to those who are writing for publication. Calculators can resolve mathematical issues immediately. Conversion calculators can clarify global financial issues. Immediate documentation is available, as files can be printed out immediately, or simply saved for future reference.

7. A mentor and the person being mentored can have immediate contact twenty four hours a day.

E-mail contact is important for mentors and those who they mentor. It is increasingly possible to make immediate contact with the other person, regardless of where he or she lives. On the internet, contact can be made almost immediately twenty four hours per day. Computer telephones and voice mail are also beneficial in this respect.

These are just a few of the many benefits of online mentoring. As computer technology continues to improve over the next few decades, the number of benefits will continue to increase.

If you are not an online mentor and would like to become one, it is not all that difficult to start. If you are a mentor, kudos to you! You are on the leading edge of mentorship in the twenty first century!