The Mentoring of Young Girls – Male

As a mother of four, especially a mother of a teenage girl, I speak from experience that girls tend to be able to confide in men better than in women. Unfortunately, this type of relationship between men and girls is frowned upon because of the possibility of miss-appropriate behavior. This is a sad reality because so many young girls in America today need a mentor that they can trust in 100%. A lot of this trust from a girl’s perspective is formed from a need to be themselves and not have to worry about being judged upon appearances. Today’s society places too many expectations upon our young ladies. Expectations about their appearance or clothing which can lead them into self-doubt and self-destructive behaviors. Girls can feel less competitive with men, which can allow them to become more open and honest about their feelings and thoughts. As a male mentor, a man can take some of that worry and frustration away from the table and allow the girl to just simply be herself. The best she can be. Appearances are way too often an obstacle for young women instead of a positive learning experience.

Men also offer strength characteristic that give young women the ability to understand that strength and intelligence can work cooperatively together in a positive way. This increases the girl’s own self-esteem, as well as giving her the idea that she too can be a strong, smart individual. Girls often find women more intimidating and competitive than men. As do most women in the today’s work environments. This makes it difficult for girls to feel free to make suggestions or observations. They are scared of rejection from the woman more than from a man. They tend to feel confined to what they think the woman mentor wants instead of what is needed. This leads to self esteem problems and confidence issues that affect what they are trying to achieve.

A girl’s need for approval can be seen in the “Daddy’s little girl” behavior that takes place in stable home environments. Girls want and need the approval of their fathers. If a father is not available then they will look for that approval elsewhere. Way too often this leads them into a negative atmosphere. They find themselves in situations that lead them into areas that only intensify their own negative self-esteem issues. Giving a young girl the positive opportunities to find that approval from a male mentor that truly wants her to succeed will always result in a positive outcome. Overall, men just make better mentors for girls.