The Pros and Cons of going to College Online

Some people choose to go to college online.  There are both advantages and disadvantages to this type of program, including the following.


It is typically more time-flexible

Many people like online college programs because they are usually meant to be more flexible with time.  Many of them allow you to watch the classes or do your work when you can.  This is especially important if you are working a full time job.  It can also help you if you have other responsibilities such as if you are a stay at home parent.  You can work when you find it the easiest so if you are a morning person you can do it then.  You can usually start and stop playback of the classes online so if you need to take a break you can. 

You can work from the comfort of your own home

You do not have to pay for the transportation costs to and from a college. You might not even need a car.  You may be able to attend classes at a college that is not local to you.  A lot of people do not have any nearby colleges and they cannot afford to move somewhere else.  Some people may just like to be able to be at home and enjoy their own food, rooms, etc.  They may not like to be out in crowds or have a teacher right there. 


Many people find it difficult to learn and be inspired when they are at home

They may find it difficult to concentrate if they are not in a classroom environment.  They may keep getting distracted by the ringing telephone, visitors or the lure of the Internet.  They may work for hours and realize that they actually did not put in that much work.  When you are watching a recording of the lecture on the Internet you cannot stop the teacher and ask a question.  You cannot ask him to explain something in further detail.  You are limited by the method.

A lot of the colleges online are not regarded as highly

Most people still go to traditional colleges.  A potential employer might think less of your degree if you go to a college online.  In some cases, people might not even consider it a real degree.

Going to college online is right for some, but not appropriate for others.  Look to the above pros and cons when deciding whether it is right for you.