The Pros and Cons of going to College Online

Over the last decade, online colleges have sprung up around the net; likewise, existing colleges have begun to open their doors and welcome students in an online academic environment as opposed to filing them into crowded classrooms.

Debate whether online colleges are worth their time and money spring up around the net; this article will present a list of common pros and cons of attending web-based academia.

♦ Pro: Online college tuition costs are very low

Compared to a physical college, online college’s tuition is a fraction of its offline competitors. The low overhead of being able to distribute class work online allows online colleges to create many courses without the high costs of having a teacher for each semester.

♦ Con: Information online is often free (and easily accessible)

Because you would be learning on the web, most information can already be found online from those that freely share it. Although you won’t obtain a degree you will still learn real-world information which can be applied toward a career.

♦ Pro: You’re able to schedule your time to your liking

Being able to schedule your own time is one of the main draws of going to college online. Balancing work and life can be quite the juggle so setting your own time to learn your new degree online will ease that tension and help things get done.

♦ Con: Motivation to do online courses is very challenging

One problem with going to school online is that you need to find the motivation to do so. Unlike having to physically show up, you’re free to do what you will which can be outright skipping class content; it takes time-management in order to efficiently do online courses.

♦ Pro: Networking online allows for easier access to each other

Networking can create powerful connection which can be used later in life; networking online allows you to connect to a wider range of people as opposed to physical college. You can find friends all around the world which is very important as our world moves toward a global economy – additionally, online tools such as social media simplify these connections.

♦ Con: Internet accessibility is not always available

Connecting with one another and going to online college sounds grand but for those that do not have connections or, at best, a weak one will often find it difficult to proficiently do their online courses. If a connection isn’t readily available when classes are taking place you could miss out on some major information needed for your degree.

♦ Is online college right for you?

No one can make the decision for you as it’s your own future to decide. Online colleges do open a lot of opportunity to learn from home but it also presents an equal amount of challenge. Weigh these pros and cons with other research and you should be able to paint a clear picture if online college is for you.