The Pros and Cons of Homeschooling your Child

There are very many positive and negative aspects to home schooling children. Every parent must consider all angles before making the decision to teach their children at home. Scientific research has shown that home schooled children are 77 percent more likely to complete a four-year college degree with honors than children who are educated in a more traditional fashion. This often convinces many parents that home schooling is the best way to go.

There are negative aspects to the home schooling process, however. A parent will have to take on the responsibility for making sure that their child learns all of the necessary lessons during the year. Furthermore, finding curriculums that fall in line with school department standards can be very difficult. Children with discipline problems sometimes do better in home school environments because of the routine aspect to the learning environment. However, many parents find it difficult to home school their children, because that means they are with their child almost all the time.

Many home school children tend to do better on standardized state testing. This is because the parents can teach their children at their own pace and stay focused on the areas of learning that a child is not picking up very well. Home schooled children can be difficult because if a parent does not have practical knowledge of the subject that they must teach to the child. They must educate themselves before educating their children. This can be extra work on the parents; however, the bond between children and parents tends to be stronger in home schooled families.

Some scientific research has shown that children that come from a home school environment are less likely to be involved with drugs and alcohol. This is because the children do not deal with peer pressure to as great a degree as within a traditional school setting. This is a positive however; research has also shown that children from home school environments sometimes develop social behavior problems because they are isolated from their peer group. It is very important that parents choosing to home school their children, make extra effort to get them involved in social extracurricular activities.

Children who are home schooled tend to have a higher level of information retention. This is because they are more serious about their studies and the work is tailored directly to their needs so that they can get the best learning chances possible.