The Pros and Cons of Virtual School

Virtual Online Schools are just any school. However instead of going to school 7 hours a day, you get to choose the time you want to go to school. Virtual Online Schools are for everyone! You don’t have to be in high school to use online virtual school. It is also a great tool for adults who want to finish their high school education and get a high school diploma.

Some of the great advantages of virtual school are:

1) Working at your own pace-With many schools that are online, you go for 7 hours per day, and you do work with a group of kid, but this does not always work because every person is different, some people struggle in school because the teachers might not have the time to handle you and a hundred other kids.

2) More time for doing stuff you love-Would you rather be in school 7 hours a day, or would you rather be in school 2-6 hours and have the rest of the day to do other activities? That is the very good advantage of virtual school because you do not have to learn for 7 hours a day.

3) Work from anywhere-At a virtual school, you don’t have to work at a desk; in fact you can work anywhere there is internet connection. Here is a great example, lets say your family is going on vacation to the beach, well you can take your laptop and work at the beach. As long as there is internet of course.

4) Learn independence-Just like in college or in high school, you will need to have independence to do the work, the great thing about virtual schools is that it will put your dependence on your parents/guardian to the test, because no one is going to hold you hand through virtual school, it is up to you to do the assignments and not be lazy and not do them, because if you do not complete your assignments I can almost guarantee that you will not pass.

5) Classwork competition-Just like any school, there is competitive classes such as AP, and there are easy classes. It is up to you to choose what classes you want to take, for example lets say you have a learning disability, than an easy course might be right for you however if you want to challenge yourself then a AP course might be right for you.

6) Fantastic teacher/instructor communications-if you are worried that you won’t be able to communicate with your teacher/instructor,than you are incorrect, because your teacher is just a phone call or a webcam chat away. They are there to help,

7) Gain of social skills-If you think that you will lose your social skills, you are wrong, I will explain to you as to why you will not lose your skills, many virtual schools offer yearly field trips, because many schools are funded by the state. As well as this you can still do the many things you love, for example, if you love soccer, you can still play it! Either for a club or your local school,it is easy to play for your school because all you have to do is negotiate with the coach and get the principles approval and you can try out for the team. Even though you learn online, don’t let it take away your social life.

Here are some of the disadvantages of an online school:

1) It is not always recognized when choosing an online virtual school, or virtual college you have to be very careful as to which program you choose because many of them are not accredited, meaning if you work really hard and get lets say a high school diploma, you might not be able to get into a 4-year college because they may not accept it, same goes for a college student, if you are getting a bachelors and intend on going to a entry-level job, they may not accept it because the school is not known.

2) It is not always free. A great thing about online virtual schools is that many are free, because they are public charter schools that are funded by the state, however in some states that outlaw charter schools, you will not get in free, so if you were hoping of getting in free, you should check to make sure it is available.

3) Isolation-even though you can study from anywhere, it may still not suit your needs. If you like to work with other people, I would recommend that you just go to a regular school, or college.

As you can see, Virtual Schools are not for everyone; however, if you like to work on your own and are more of a lone wolf type of person I would recommend you to give virtual schooling a try!