Thinking about an Online Degree Here’s the Scoop

Thinking About an Online Degree? Here’s the Scoop!

Online degrees are real and legitimate. I am a veteran of an online degree. I received my MBA in 2002. All my courses were taken online and they were so well modulated that I hardly ever noticed that I wasn’t sitting in a classroom.

This was virtual education at its best. I had already received an MS degree from the same school by attending real classes on campus. I then decided to do an MBA because many of my courses already fit into the MBA program and I could waive some of these courses.

The University I attended had just started their distance program, and it seemed a perfect fit for me since I lived about 400 miles from the school and I wouldn’t have to worry about transportation.

The online experience was excellent. The school at first had chat rooms where we could enter to get our lecture and respond to questions from the professor and other students. We could also initiate questions. It felt so real in this virtual classroom and the good thing about it was you got more chance to interact with people than in a real classroom.

By the second year of the program, the University switched to Blackboard, which is an online tool for teaching in the virtual classroom. This was better than the chat rooms, since there were other features such as being able to upload our papers a little better. The method of teaching was the same. We would enter our virtual classroom, sign in, listen to the lecture and interact in the classroom. Most professors used Power Point to highlight important points of their lectures.

One excellent part of these lectures was that we could download the entire session with all comments by students and professors. We didn’t have to take notes. We could also download all Power Point lectures.

Some professors overloaded us with a lot of paperwork just to make sure we got the level of education we normally would get on campus, but I felt it was all worth it being we were getting extra education for the same amount of money.

Online exams were very controlled. There was no possibility of cheating. At the beginning of each course we were given the professor’s syllabus with instructions for the entire course and papers we would have to write.

There was also a group online project we had to complete for one course. Each student was assigned to a group of four to six students. This was an excellent exercise in virtual business activity and accomplishment, which relates so well to the real global business world.

Another good thing about online education is that you can go to a school anywhere in the world that offers online classes. You can be 10,000 miles away and interact with professors and students from around the world. Some of my classes were taught by a professor in Greece. I was also in class with students from many different countries and students from many different parts of America.

And best of all for participating in online education I have a nice MBA degree that hangs on my wall to show anyone interested that I completed studies at a prodigious school and walked the walk to receive my degree at my graduation ceremony right on campus.