Tips for Homeschooling Inexpensively

Homeschooling on a shoestring

I started homeschooling because my oldest son had learning disabilities. His learning disabilities required a lot of repetition. This meant using the same workbook pages or worksheets over and over again. This started getting very costly purchasing workbooks or ink for our printers. Like some home schooled families we operate on a tight budget.

I had to figure out a way to be able to reuse workbooks and worksheets. Then one day as I was using a wipe-off book in class it came to me. If I had something see through, I would be able to reuse the pages we needed most. I also realized families with more than one child to educate could benefit from this idea as well.

What could I use? It had to be hard,durable,reusable, and see through. There was only one possibility. PLEXIGLASS!

So, If you have ever wished you could reuse workbooks, worksheets, coloring books, or just own a versatile product. Now you can! With the Amazing Plexiglass Worksheet! It can be used over and over again. Just lay plexiglass Worksheet over any desired page. Use grease pencil, crayons, or dry erase markers to answer questions, color pictures, or keep count with a craft pattern. When done simply wipe off. You now have reusable pages.

The Plexiglass Worksheet has many uses. Lay over a piece of white paper it becomes an instant dry erase board. Lay over your favorite coloring page, use crayons or colored dry erase markers it becomes a reusable coloring book. It can be used as a clipboard. Lay over a sheet of notebook paper and use it for pop quizzes. We keep one in a ring binder notebook for this purpose. Use in writing class for sentence practice or learning paragraphs. Use in math for those hard to remember facts ( addition and multiplication). Repetition helps to lock it into their memories. Use in art for sketch paper or coloring.

Let your children be creative and remember it’s not just for children. I use my Plexiglass Worksheet for craft patterns. It helps me to mark off rows or keep count in crochet, cross stitch, and plastic canvas patterns. Keep one in your car for those long trips or those long waits in waiting rooms.

To make your plexiglass worksheet you will need:
A sheet of plexiglass. This can be purchased and cut at your local Lowes Warehouse.
Drill for drilling holes.
5/16 Drill bit
reciprocal saw ( If you cut your own)
Sandpaper or file for sanding edges.
Marker for tracing.

1) Lay piece of plexiglass over a sheet of notebook paper. Using marker trace paper outline and holes.
2) Cut out outline using a reciprocal saw
3)Using sandpaper or file sand off rough edges. You now have a piece of plexiglass the size of notebook paper. We’re not done yet, almost.
4) Using a drill with a 5/16 inch drill bit. Drill out the three holes on the left side of the plexiglass.

You now have a plexiglass Worksheet! It can be stored in a notebook, book bag, craft bag, or car. Enjoy! The uses are endless.