Tips for Setting up a Space for Homeschooling

Homeschooling doesn’t take place on the living room floor in the front of the television. Homeschooling doesn’t take place at the kitchen table among the breakfast dishes. Homeschooling takes place in a classroom.  It can be a classroom created with room dividers or an bedroom that has been transformed, but it is important to have a designated area, that clearly says “We are at school now.”

Decorate the walls with posters about things that are going to be studied. Have age appropriate rules, whether they are in picture form or in text.  It is important that students know there are different expectations in the classroom than in the rest of the house.

Be certain that the supplies are all in this area. Wandering around the house looking for  the supplies needed to complete a project not only wastes time, but leads to some bad habits. Make sure everyday when school is done that things are put in their place and everything is stalked for the next morning. Students can certainly be involved in this process.

It is important that the area is distraction free. They should be able to peak around and catch what someone may be watching on television. Windows are great as long as there are blinds in case what is going on outside becomes more interesting than school work.

The area should be set up so it is quiet enough for study time.  This may mean a room away from the main living areas of the home.  It is important to stay away from things like the kitchen and the family room. It is too easy to slip into the kitchen and get distracted during school time.

The classroom should be a happy place. If the students are into bright colors, use them.  If they want to help decorate and create bulletin boards, allow it.  It is important that they feel ownership of the classroom. It is their school.

If computers are going to be used then they should be placed in the schooling area. If they are laptops they can be taken to other parts of the house for leisure.

It is very important to have structure and a place for homeschooling in the home. It gives students and educators a clear signal that they have additional roles to parent and child.  This makes teaching much easier and discipline less of an issue. It is clearly a classroom environment and that is an important signal.