Tips to keep Homeschooling Fun

When children attend mainstream school there are lots of opportunities to have fun.  When a parent is homeschooling their child, they can often worry about how they can make homeschooling a fun learning experience.  Fun is important as it will motivate a child to learn and maintain their interest in their education.  Here are a few ways in which you can make homeschooling fun.

Take a trip

Throughout the school year, children in mainstream education are likely to have a number of trips that are both fun and related to their learning.  There is nothing to stop a homeschooling parent from taking their child on a trip also.  Not only will it benefit their learning by introducing different and interesting ways of learning, it will also be fun.  This will also give them something to look forward to in their routine.  Great days out that are fun and offer the potential for learning are the zoo, museums, nature walks and the seaside.

Incorporate daily activities into learning

Learning doesn’t always have to involve sitting at a desk.  Many children find sitting at a desk and reading through text very mundane and find it difficult to learn this way.  Many activities that you do on a daily basis can be used to teach your child a number of topics and these are often a more fun way of learning.  For example, many children love to cook and make a mess.  Cooking is a great learning experience.  It will involve reading instructions, understanding weights and measurements, mathematical skills such as working out how much is needed to make food for four people when the instructions are for six, understanding temperatures and the scientific process and changes of food cooking.  There are also possible extended activities that are possible such as looking at the package design and nutritional information. 

Varied learning opportunities

It can be tempting to print off a lot of written materials to use as resources when homeschooling.  Whilst printed resources can be valuable, and certainly have their place in educating your child, this should not be the only way that your child learns as this is not a fun way of learning.  Children all have different learning styles, whether this be visual, auditory or kinaesthetic.  Using a range of resources and teaching techniques will benefit your child’s learning and make it fun.  Try incorporating, music, drama, television and physical activities into their learning.

Plenty of breaks

If your child attended a mainstream school then they would have the opportunity for breaks.  This is a legal requirement.  Homeschoolers should also consider breaks to be mandatory.  Children can become bored very easily.  A day without breaks is also very tiring.  The actual time that they have for their breaks can give the opportunity for children to have fun, but they are more likely to enjoy their learning following a break.

Praise and reward

Children often thrive off having something to work towards.  Gaining credit for their achievements is fun for them and motivates them to improve in the areas that they are studying.  All children enjoy praise and this should be given for any small steps of progress and achievement.  The rewards that are given are entirely up to you but should be something that the child will enjoy and have fun with.  For example, you can keep a chart of points gained for work that has been completed well and reward a certain amount of points with pocket money.  Another alternative is to offer certificates or to have an extra educational and fun day out to reward all their hard work.