Top Online Lsat Courses

The Law School Admission Test or LSAT is the first step for those who want to enter the field of law. But with all of the demands already on a student’s shoulders, taking a traditional LSAT course can be too much of a burden. Online LSAT courses not only provide the needed preparation for the LSAT, but also allow the student to take their course from any location.

Princeton Review

The Princeton Review offers many options for LSAT training. From their online private tutoring which offers comprehensive training to their Essentials LiveOnline which covers the key concepts, they have an option to fit the online student’s needs, learning style and budget. Their programs offers personal attention with an “Online Coach” and 24/7 support. Their manuals are updated regularly and they offer online annotations of almost 4000 LSAT questions.

The LSAT Center

The LSAT center has prepped over one million users since they opened in 1999. They offer a free 300-page online prep course, Socrates Logic Games Simulator as well as a timed essay simulator. The free LSAT intro course allow a student to start their LSAT prep immediately. The Socrates Logic Game Simulator prepares a student for the Logic Games section of the test which can be the hardest set of questions.


Knewton allows a student to attend classes live or on-demand. Their Create a Quiz program allows a student to choose which sections to test on so a student can focus on where they need the most help. They have over 60 Prep Tests to prepare their students for test day; each question is linked to an explanation so a LSAT prep student can learn from their mistakes.


Kaplan has a proven track record of their student’s getting into law school. They offer an extensive suite of courses which range from LSAT On Demand which allows a student to work at their own pace to LSAT Classroom Anywhere with live online LSAT instructions. Not only has every Kaplan teacher mastered the LSAT, more than 9 out of 10 have been rated highly by their students. 

The LSAT score can be extremely important in the admissions process. Many admissions committees value this score over a student’s undergraduate GPA. These courses will assist a student in attaining their ultimate goal of a law degree. Take the time to review the contents of the course before enrolling to ensure it’s what the student needs.