Tutors as Mentors – Yes

Growing up there are always people that we look up to including teachers, parents, friends, brothers, sisters, and elders just to name a few and we look up to these people for a variety of reasons. They may seem really cool or they’re always there when we need help or they just talk to us when we need them to. A good tutor fits into this perfectly granted it usually starts out jsut as a homework help session. A good tutor offers not only their expertise in certain areas but also offers a measure of friendship that not every adult can offer.

Mentoring in many ways can actually offer a better mentoring relationship to a student in need. First, the student can see that the tutor has a genuine interest in that students edducation even if their is no prior connection, this establishes immediate trust. A student can feel comfortable with the tutor immediately and can have that one on one attention. Second, the material that the student is being tutored on can actually serve as a medium through which the student and mentor can connect. In this question answer fashion the tutor can pass on knowledge to the student not only related to the subject matter but also related to his or her real life expereinces. many times as a tutor I have used scenarios about my life in order to explain a math problem to a student. This allows the student to both learn something new about the subject matter and something about the person who is helping them. This leads me into the third point that students can connect with the mentor on areas outside of the subject matter. questions related to the students personal lives sometimes pop up allowing the tutor to influence lives outside of their subject. students are always looking to share what they did that day with anyone who will listen and a tutor is the perfect person to do that with because they realize not only the importance of the student getting their work done but also the importance of the student connecting with someone on a more personal level.

The main fact is that even though tutors are hired mostly for their ability to help in specific areas, tutors usually help the student in areas outside that subject and converse about other things in that students life: sports, afterschool activities, friends, parents ect. This trust between a student and their tutor rivals if not equals that of a mentor because in effect the tutor is a mentor and is helping that student in every aspect of their life with or without the student knowing it.