Unique Education Opportunities

My Favorite Educational Experience

Many people all over the world have some sort of educational experience that can change their lives forever. For a child, it can be as easy as getting a good grade on a math test. On the other hand, for an adult going to college, a remarkable experience can be helping someone with a disability during the therapeutic exercise program at Lane Community College. Also, education experiences can be very dramatic or very subtle. I experienced one of these remarkable learning experiences when I went from sitting on the sidelines in a P.E. class to becoming involved, and it changed my view of accomplishing tasks on my own.
For the first three years of my educational career in elementary school, I could participate in everything except the one thing that most children consider fun, physical education. Most of the time, while my friends were playing basketball, soccer, or any sport, I sat and watched. Gym teachers tried to allow me to participate, but rarely found ways for me to be involved. In a way, I believe that they were being lazy, that they did not want to deal with a child that was physically disabled. If you want another perspective on it, I believe that they had so much on their minds that they did not have the time to deal with a disabled child. I didn’t know that in my future that there would be a remarkable teacher, so determined to allow me to participate in physical education.
I arrived in sixth grade with no expectations, and met a gym teacher that was enthralled to have me as a student. She had so many ideas planned for me during that first year in middle school that I can’t mention them all. The two things that stand out are when I played soccer and basketball. Can you picture four wheelchairs with cardboard boxes tied with bungee cords to the front of the wheelchair. Then like a bulldozer I would hit the soccer ball into the goal. Basketball is the other sport I participated in using nerf

balls and child height hoops. The main thing is that for the first time I played with the other kids during P.E! Also, as part of the class, I gave each of the students a test in wheelchair mobility. This allowed them to see how difficult it was for me to get around on a daily basis. As my teacher, Shirley Betournay taught me I could do a lot more than sit around in a wheelchair all day. I faced the challenges that she gave me. I am thankful Ms Betournay came into my life, and the determination she taught me is something I will use the rest of my life.

Although this special experience only happened for a short time, it still is a major part of my life today. For example, when I first get into a class I am so overwhelmed that I believe I won’t be able to do the assignments that are requested of me as a student. Three months later though, I realize all that worry was for nothing because of the final grade in the class. Also I have has those experiences when I go for weeks and I don’t know what the teacher is talking about. Then a magic light pops into my head. It feels like I am learning the subject for the first time with bright eyes.

In conclusion, I believe education is learned in many forms, whether you’re from a different culture or physically impaired. Basically you learn all the same things, such as cooking, cleaning, working, mathematics and so on. The thing to remember is you may have to adapt your learning experiences to your own needs. Hopefully, throughout all of your years you at least get one great moment out of it as I did.