Unique Education Opportunities

I think that a course in high school that high school students should take is school improvement class.
Why should high school students take this course? For the class teaches how he or she can kill two birds with one stone by contributing to both the community and the school. And the class also teaches him or her about the meaning of real work, and how their common sense can be applied, as well as being creative in ideas to improve the school and community’s image.
I took this class my sophomore year of high school, for it fit into my schedule and elective requirements for my high school diploma. This class lasted the whole school year, and we did a lot in the class to improve the school’s image and reputation.
The first thing we did was repair the railroad ties around the student parking lot, for the railroad ties served as a curb for preventing cars from going off the pavement. Straightening these ties out took a big drill, rebar and young people to work the project. It also took teamwork to make sure this project worked out to be the best final result possible.
In addition to straightening railroad ties, we had extra fill dirt and rocks shipped in locally. We used these materials to make a plateau, and this pleteau created a new landscape to make our high school look a little better when people drove by it. The rocks were used in order to prevent the dirt from eroding into the street where buses and cars passed through. The fill dirt was used to create the new landscape, which consisted of new trees, a railroad trestle and a new marquee. This project took a couple months, but when it was finished, the final result was very impressive.
We ordered the new marquee in order to show the local population and the student body what events were taking place on the school campus during the school year. The new marquee bore the school colors and the Mucker logo as the background and the borders, and five lines to display the school events. A local sign company installed the marquee, and it looked great on campus.
In addition to the marquee, a railroad trestle was built out of railroad ties by a substitute school improvement group, for our group was working on another project. The railroad trestle featured a mining car on top to hold the time capsule we made for the class of 2025.
So the school improvement class should be mandatory in high school, for it benefits not only the school and community’s image, but the students as well. The students’ main benefit to establish is the fact that they gave up their time and resources to make these projects come alive. Also, everyone benefits, for giving up resources to improve school and community images is always a good idea.