Using Bbc Science and Nature Games for Education

BBC Schools on-line:
This website at is one of my favorite teaching resource for young learners. I would recommend it to any parent who has a schooling child wanting to be acquainted with science fundamentals beyond his curriculum or reinforce his science lessons through interactive games. Though not entirely comprehensive, the games are a good enough introduction to each topic and comes free!

Game pre-requisite and help features for the very young:
FLASH is needed to play the games at this website. Start navigating from and you will find a wealth of science help available for children from 4-11 years. The science topics range from physics to biology and the science games are grouped according to age group. Recorded instructions are for those yet to learn how to read. Each section comes with a 10-question multi-choice quiz that helps to revise the facts learnt. In the games for the age grouped from 5-6 and 6-7 years, oral recording is provided alongside the worded hints for young users.

For young learners :
The games at science clips cater to learners in six age groups ranging between 5-11 years old. The interactive and interesting science games come under these topics :
Health and growth
Plant growth
Material classification
Forces and movement
Solar system
Material science
Solids and Liquids

Every segment comes with a science quiz and interactive experiment. A teacher resource guide is available with every topic. Codes are also provided for teachers to put up the games on their blogs and websites.

BBC Schools for older learners :
For older children in the 11-14 years range, BBC offers interactive quizzes at to review science lessons on-line. The following are some of the useful games that make learning science easy.

Mia Cadaver’s Tombstone Timeout is a competitive multi-player game to review lessons on chemistry and performance is instantly ranked against other on-line players attempting the same questions.

Bitesize Bingo! is another interesting quiz cum science revision. It is in a question-answer format and correct points earns a full house.

“RU revising science” takes the teacher’s role to make sure concepts and fundamentals are in place in a non-threatening manner.

School work home at BBC Schools:
Older learners at this page can also find help with homework through message boards on a variety of topics. Alternatively, learners from 11-16 years can chat up with fellow learners at or exchange information about school work.

As can be seen, is a precious learning resource offering academic help for all ages and all subjects with supplementary resources for teachers and parents. Interactive games and quizzes uses Flash and no further plug-ins are necessary. This makes the learning website easy to use and fast for downloads.