Using Bbc Science and Nature Games for Education

The BBC has a website that is set up with science and nature games. These games cover several different content areas ranging from animal facts to evolution to human anatomy and physiology. These games can be used for a variety of different functions depending on the user and the audience. The functions vary, but the end result is that the user ends up learning and/or reinforcing known science and nature concepts through an entertaining manner.

Teachers can utilize the website in their classes as an interactive demonstration with their students or as an individual assignment. This depends on the available resources in the classroom or the accessibility to computers within the school. If the teacher has the ability to project the website onto a screen via a projector/computer hookup or a Smartboard, students can be called upon to give an appropriate answer, which the teacher would then enact on the site, or they could come up and do the task themselves to provide for more hands-on interaction on their parts. If the school has a computer lab or the students had access to multiple computers in the classroom, they could be given the task to play the games on their own, with the teacher supervising. The games could also serve as an assessment, with the teacher asking the student to perform a task on one of the games. An example of this would be on one of the human anatomy games on the site, where the task is to arrange body parts on a human form in the correct spot. This helps students learn the anatomy, but teachers could also test their knowledge of the subject.

Students can also use these games at home for their own personal learning experience. Perhaps they are interested in science or nature and want to play a game that uses or tests their knowledge of the subject. Maybe they have the initiative to learn some new science and nature topics on their own. Playing the games reinforces their learning process and can also be a fun way for this to happen or to just pass the time. Teachers can also assign for students to go the website on their own to play the games or to suggest that they use the games for extra practice or exposure to science and nature topics. Most of the games also offer factual information about the topics that they cover, so they are educational as well as entertaining.

The BBC science and nature games site has many different topics covered and several different choices of games. They are all very simple and some are silly, but students of all ages can use them for learning and entertainment. Even adults can get enjoyment and knowledge out of the games (I found the anatomy games to be very entertaining and they occupied my attention for longer than I probably should have let them!).