Virtual High School

Virtual high schools are more common everyday. Most people think well that must be a scam or no way can you earn a high school degree on-line. Well I did, and many others have. Traditional high schools are great to but with the increasing violencein schools, the virtual high school is becoming more popular. With a virtual high school a student can progress at his/her own rate threw the curriculum and teachers are there to help, students can chat or even call their instructors. Not only do students work at their own pace they have the opportunity to earn a high school diploma insteadof a GED. Most students hate the traditional learning, who wants to really get up at six in the morning, go sit in a desk all day and learn nothing. Nothing, that is what I felt I was getting out of my traditional high school.

Virtual high schools offer everything a traditional high school does, without the distractions and peer presser. Teachers are available on-line or by phone, everything is on-line, there is no heavy books to lug around. Which would save a lot of back problems for some students. As for social interaction, some virtual high schools offer clubs but there is more time to enjoy life and do other activities. Some even offer a free Laptop and Internet allowance. And do not worry, a graduation ceremony is held every June. So really it is the same as a traditional high school except you learn on-line.

I am a graduate of Minnesota Virtual High School, and it was the greatest thing I have ever done. I had heard about it and never really thought about doing it until I learned my parents were going to lose our house and I was going to have to transfer schools my senior year. Well I said no to that idea and looked into MVHS. Best idea I ever had, my senior year lasted aboutfour months. I graduated October 3th, 2008 and started my college life October 6th, 2008. My summer vacation lasted a whole weekend, but I was on a mission to finish college as soon as I could. MVHS helped me achieve my goal of earning a high school diploma, and going on to college. I was a student who loved school, but I never wanted to be in the classroom, it bored me. When I started MVHS, I fell in love, I could attend school at three in the morning when I could not sleep or when I went out of state.

I think it was a great thing I did and anyone considering it for any reason, should go for it. It changed my life for the better and it could change yours too.