Virtual High Schools

Virtual High Schools

In this high-tech world, there are more and more ways for students to attend high school. As the “traditional” high schools get worse as the days go by, with increasing violence and drug use, parents are seeking “alternative” ways of giving their children a good education.

These days most everyone has a computer and internet access in their homes. So why not utilize these “virtual schools”? Several states in the US have virtual schools provided by the state or are privately funded. Many of these schools are free of charge, or come with a small fee.

These schools are great alternatives to “traditional” high schools in my opinion. They offer online courses where most of the material is provided online. They will receive teachers who are very well qualified in their field, and often times, these teachers have better credentials than that of teachers in “traditional” high schools.

Many worry though, about their child lacking social skills because of the environment they are in. Not to worry… Many of these schools have the students work together on projects that are monitored by the teachers. This way your child can have social interaction without you having to worry about who your child is speaking with. Also, just getting your child out in society and letting them make friends can aid to their social skills. While in “traditional” high schools, you have to wonder who your child is listening to, talking to, and what they are “learning” from the other kids.

These Virtual Schools can offer so much more for your child both academically and emotionally. If you are worried about extra-curricular activities in these schools, many of them do offer clubs, such as a school News-Paper, Art, etc. Also, your child may very well be offered even more scholarships because of them attending a virtual school.

Lastly, in case you are wondering where I have gotten this information, I was a student in a Virtual School myself. I absolutely loved it, and I recommend it to any student or parent I meet who are worried about “traditional” high schools. They are excellent schools who deserve attention, and actually give the students more ways of expanding their learning. The thing that I most liked about it was that all of my lessons were clearly presented where I could read over them as many times as I wanted to. This helped me to get more out of the lesson because I was not missing any of the information being given.

Virtual schools are excellent alternatives for your child. Please utilize them! It will help your child to develop in ways you never thought possible! To see if there is a virtual school in your state, ask your local School Board office, or simply use a search engine such as Google.