Ways Schools try to help Students who can’t Cope with the School Day

There is some disagreement among scholars, administrators, teachers, parents, and even the students concerning this matter. If we are to believe some “experts,” any student who can’t get through a day at school without disruption of lessons or misbehavior of some sort must have ADD or ADHD. Hogwash! I won’t get into those conditions, as they constitute a whole different article, if not books.

Administrators blame teachers for repeated student misconduct. Parents blame teachers and run “tattling” to administrators-“Not my kid-there must be something wrong with your school or that teacher.” Pupils blame each other-“He started it!” Do I speak from experience? As a retired teacher, yes…

Admittedly, my acquaintance with the way schools “try to help” has left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. In teachers’ meetings and/or teacher-administrator meetings, these are the suggestions that are made:

Time out-Make her sit outside your classroom door for awhile. (These are young children, and soon along comes a parent screaming, “That’s cruel!”)
Send him to the office. Then soon you hear, “Too many students are being sent to the office-deal with them in your classroom.”
Have a parent conference-If the parents show up at all, it’s, “That’s strange; she never does that at home. It must be you or your methods.” Then they run to the principal’s office.

There are, of course, very concerned parents, who try to cooperate in every way, visiting the classroom, disciplining their children, even counseling-but they are few and far between. The ones who do visit the classroom seem to make matters worse by focusing too much on their own child, rather than just observing, so nothing is accomplished. As soon as the parent is gone, Abner is back to his usual antics.

If a child has a known problem before entering the class to begin with, even if he or she has had counseling or other intervention, the teacher is expected to “fix” the student somehow. The problem lies in our society’s expectations, which are fed by the administrators of our schools, who are driven by motivation for more money, therefore the buck keeps getting passed…Will it ever stop? I’m for home schooling!