Ways to Cope if You’re a Math Dummy

Whether you’re a math dummy because math isn’t your forte or because you simply don’t understand a concept, being a math dummy caries with it a stigma that is often difficult to leave behind. While there are many ways to cope with being a math dummy there are also many ways to allow it to drag you down. It doesn’t have to be that way. Following these tips will help any math dummy to survive in today’s world.

Knowledge and basic skills

Having basic math skills will help even the most stumped math dummy cope. Learning the multiplication tables up to 12 will go far in surviving life as a math dummy. There are many great math tricks out there to help a math dummy cope. Learn one trick or learn them all and you’ll soon find that math is getting easier and easier. Friends and family will wonder if a math class was taken, but the truth is that these tricks are helping you to cope with your math skills or lack thereof. Don’t be afraid to use pen and paper or a calculator to figure out complex math problems.

Surviving and teamwork

The truth is no one is good at everything. Math dummies are good at other things like writing, spelling or another subject, while a math person is struggling in those skills. Pair up with someone good in math and chances are they will be asking how to spell words or write a proper sentence frequently while you’re asking for math assistance. Teamwork will go far in helping any math dummy cope.

Calculator “my brain”

The calculator is the math dummy’s best friend. Often referred to as “my brain” the calculator will go far in helping a math dummy cope and survive in their daily life. From balancing a check book to paying the bills a calculator is a must have for any math dummy. Don’t leave home without it.


While basic math skills are needed in many job sectors, intense math skills aren’t always required. Depending upon the job a person has math skills may not be required. If you’re a math dummy seek a job that requires minimal math skills and take the pressure off of yourself by excelling in a different job sector.

Focus on the positive

Math dummies are all around us. Learning to focus on your positive skills and cope with lacking math skills will help you to survive in society today, even if you’re a math dummy.