Ways to Manage Full Time Work and Online Classes

Having spoken with many online college students, (many of them classmates,) in recent years, it’s clear that motivated individuals with a passion for learning and achieving educational goals are able to manage a full-time work schedule while they are taking online learning classes. Many young adults taking online classes have their goals mapped out, and a full-time work schedule will not deter them from achieving their learning goals. Time management is the key to making full-time work and online classes, plus the other facets of a busy life, all work together toward success.

In addition to full-time work, some online college students also have small children to care for when they’re at home. Older students may have teenagers who need their attention… plus that full-time job. One would wonder how online learning classes could possibly fit into that kind of a schedule. But with a clear goal and specific plans for achieving their goal, the motivated online student certainly can, and does, manage the schedule. Although it sounds hectic and practically impossible to some, full-time work and online classes, as well as a young family for many students, can fit into ones day.

Students who have replied to the question, “How do you do it all?” have sometimes said they have support and help from a spouse or other family members and friends who are glad to help them achieve their educational goals. They are fortunate. Some students must find ways to manage it all themselves. This usually involves devoting the daytime hours to the job, and taking books, notes, laptop or other mobile device along to work to use during lunchtime. A quiz or short exam can be taken during this time, reading can be completed, or some work can be done on a written assignment.  The major part of the work day, though, is rightly given over to the job.

Upon returning home from work, several hours are spent with the children and family, and there is no skimping on this part of the schedule. The importance of sharing time with family is vital, as this is a “comfort zone” for the worker and student. Ultimately, the online education is for the benefit of this family, but it is crucial to let family have at least this precious few hours of your time in order to keep balance in your life and theirs. It can also be a time to relax a bit after the work day. If there are no small children in the picture, you may want to take half an hour of this time for a quick nap to refresh for study time.

Later evening until your bedtime is the major time you devote to study. Weekends may also provide some study time. Be sure to have a good grasp of when your assignments are due so that nothing gets skipped or missed. Some professors, even online, will give a zero on a missed assignment without prior approval. Others will deduct points. Your grade will take a nosedive if this happens. It is rare that you will escape a penalty of some sort, so prioritize your assignments so that you manage to get everything in on time. Your GPA will thank you.

As you can see, working full time while going to school online is indeed manageable if you make a solid plan and stick to your schedule, whether you are on your own, have a family to care for, have a support system in place to help you or not. Every bit of success depends on your determination and drive to accomplish what you have set out to do. Not one of the many areas of your life has to suffer because you have a full-time job (and perhaps a family,) and are taking online learning classes.