Ways to Save Money on Homeschooling Expenses

Many families shy away from homeschooling believing that it is too expensive, this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many great places to get homeschooling materials for reduced prices or sometimes virtually free and families can take advantage of these opportunities at every turn.

Co ops

Many areas have homeschooling families that have banded together to form a co op group. These groups will share materials and help each other out by investing in a group discount or other resources that are available. Sharing in these costs can greatly reduce homeschooling costs and save families lots of money.

Used text books

Ebay, Amazon and many other online sites have a used text book program. Pick out what is needed and then when the class is over sell it yourself and get your money back. This method works well for middle school and high school classes.

Local school districts

Many local school districts have a homeschooling program that will provide school textbooks and other learning materials to be loaned out. Families return these items at the end of the school semester or year depending upon the subject. Some of these programs also will work with parents helping to set up a curriculum and course for each individual student.

Online sites

Check out your favorite search engine and type in free homeschooling information and see what comes up. There are many free online sites for homeschooling that work well for families. Many sites have worksheets that can be printed out and utilized as lesson materials.

Virtual schools

There are a few online sites that are virtual schools. These sites work with parents to help set up a curriculum and plan for each individual student. Some of these are free and some cost money so read the fine print and make sure to get what works best for saving money.

Public library

Public libraries have a lot of free homeschooling supplies. Simply check out what is needed and return when it’s due back. Copy worksheets and use reading materials to enhance students learning.

Yard sales

Veteran homeschooling families have yard sales where they sell all of the previous years homeschooling materials. Check local listings for yard sales and take advantage of them.


Many churches have a church library and stock them full of great homeschooling supplies. Check with local churches to see if a church membership is required to utilize these options.

Back to school sales

Take advantage of back to school sales at local department stores or book stores. Not only can families save money on school supplies but often there are workbooks, worksheets and textbooks for reasonable prices during these sales.

Utilizing any or all of these choice is a great way to help any family to save money and expenses when homeschooling.