What Makes a Mentor different from a Parent or Teacher

Write What is the difference between a parent and a teacher as opposed to a Mentor?
First how do we define each?
A parent is defined by Websters New World Dictionary as any animal, organism, or plant in relation to its offspring, anything from which other things are derived., a progenitor or ancestor.
A parent by association alone generally is a teacher.
A teacher is defined as one who shows or helps another to learn, to do something, to help someone to develop a skill, to provide knowledge and insight.
The Living Webster defines mentor as a wise and loyal advisor.
Generally a mentor has a specific knowledge of a certain subject or skill. He or she has the didactic training measured by their credentials and the experience measured in years of hands on ability. Parents and teachers can and usually do meet this standard. Preferably this person has attained stature with his or her peers in a particular field, giving rise to his or her credibility. Added to all of this , the mentor is above all loyal to the person requiring direction.
A parent by virtue of bias toward his or her child and the amount of time spent in rearing a child will impart by verbal instruction ,or instruction by example of any and/or all their expertise in their field of knowledge, which sometimes can be limited or extensive depending on that parents life experiences and education.
A teacher also has a field of expertise and his own life experiences that he can impart to his student. The limitation here is the amount of time that can be given to the student, and whether the teacher is inclined to be generous with time.
In looking at the definitions it can be said that a parent ,and a teacher can be mentors also, given that they meet the criteria needed to develop a student beyond their present knowledge base at any given point. Now we only need to ascertain whether a parent or teacher is inclined to be loyal to a particular student and we have a perfect prescription for a mentor! Take away the wisdom and loyalty needed to impart to a student and you no longer have a mentor.

Katherine Floyd

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