What Makes a Mentor different from a Parent or Teacher

A mentor is different from a parent and teacher in many aspects. Children of all ages find themselves unable to truly and completely open up to even the best and loving parents in todays world. Children for the most part, when approached by a teacher or parent, feel unease for a one on one discussion. They feel as though, no matter what the topic is, they will be judged, scolded, and unheard as a person in desperate need of help.

Whether the parents or teachers realize it, they are not as opened minded to the lives of the younger generation these days like they were when they were growing up. The older you get, the more one sided you begin to see things in most situations of a child in the new Millennium.

A mentor on the other hand, is someone who in due time, proves to that child or teenager that they are able to open up. Be themselves and are able to talk about anything without feeling judged or unheard. They become best friends. Someone they can confide in without being or feeling as though they are being judge. Secrets remain secrets. Discussions remain private just between the two of them, as long as it isn’t a life threatening situation that the parents or guardian should be aware of.

A mentor is someone who in allot of cases, sort of takes the place of a missing piece in a young child’s life. Such as a parent – be it they were raised in a single parent home. A sibling, such as a brother or sister they always wanted and never had or a sibling they do have but are not in close relationship with, be it age difference or what ever the case may be. Or that mentor could take the place of a best friend that the child was unable to find.

Mentors are there to teach those children the ways of life as well as spending quality time together that they are otherwise unable to get from home.

Mentors can become a great addition to a developing child’s self esteem. Mentors allow that child to openly discuss sex, drugs, bullies, issues in the home, their sexuality, or just give answers and/or advice to those everyday questions of adolescents. Those are all topics that that child is otherwise unable to comfortably sit down with their parents or teacher and openly discuss without feeling ashamed, embarrassed, or unease. Some mentors might only be around for a short period of time but can make an impact on a child that will last them a lifetime.