What you need to know when considering an Online Education

Flexibility, convenience and empowerment are some of the major benefits of online learning. With the huge increase in the use of the Internet in recent years, online education is in high demand. We are fast approaching a time when there will be a computer in every home. Even where there are no computers in the home, there is unprecedented access to computers in libraries and other public places. Anyone can have an email account without owning a computer. The versatility of the computer makes it an excellent learning tool for all ages.

Online education provides you with flexibility. You can choose your own study times – when and where you study. There is no need to be in class at a specific time and no worries about being late for a class and having to suffer the ensuing consequences. With traditional classroom study, if you miss a class, it is always a concern whether you will be able to catch up, or acquire the lecture notes, for the missed lecture. With online learning, you choose study times that fit in with your schedule not someone else’s.

The convenience provided by online learning, allows you to take courses in your own familiar environment. The refrigerator, the television, the radio, the washroom are all close by when you feel the urge to take a breather or just indulge a little. Just think of all the travel time, gas and parking fees that are saved. There is no need to hop on a bus or take the car and contend with the frustrations of traffic and parking, to get to a classroom on a specific day and time. Not only are you saving financially but the environment also benefits.

Flexibility and convenience contribute to a sense of empowerment. In this arena, you are your own boss. Classroom attendance and student participation are not required. Online learning is like studying in your own library. When preparing your course work, facts and research information are just a mouse click away without the need to check out the local library or consult with your instructor. Online learning empowers us by enabling us to become creative problem solvers, and instilling in us a sense of pride in our accomplishments.

Online learning, offers many benefits to those willing to try this non-tradition method of study. In addition to convenience, flexibility and empowerment, one has to be, or one becomes, disciplined in the process. Discipline in setting goals, achieving goals and time management, without the help of authority figures or peers.