What you need to know when considering an Online Education

If your computer skills are good then you may have what you need to pursue an online degree. Before you look into getting an online degree you need to be certain your computer skills are good enough so you will be prepared for the work you’ll need to do towards getting an online degree.

One of the skills you must have is an understanding about how to get around the Internet. The first thing is that you must know how to open and close your Internet browser because without that you cannot surf the Internet and do the research that will be necessary towards obtaining your degree. Then you should also be acquainted with your browser forward and back buttons so you can navigate between web pages. In addition you should also be familiar with maximizing and minimizing your browser window. Should need help with these basic computer skills Internet Explorer has numerous files in its help section that can answer any questions you have about surfing the Internet.

After you’ve mastered these basic skills, you need to learn the basics of managing files on your computer. What this means is that you’ll need to learn how to find files and folders using Word or whatever other program you have installed on your computer. Another thing you’ll need to know is how to create, delete and save files to you computer because when pursuing a degree online you’ll certainly be assigned papers to write. Learning how to do this will be easy if you consult the Help section of your Internet Explorer menu bar and search for information about files.

Another computer skill you’ll need to know is how to copy and paste. Many computer users know very little about the Windows clipboard. Copying and pasting is easy and just requires the ability to left click and drag and highlight information in a document, then copy that information to the clipboard, and finally paste that information from the clipboard to a new document. Google, Yahoo and MSN have a free copy and paste tutorial if you feel you need to learn more about this process.

Since you’ll certainly be receiving course material and other documents by email you’ll need to know how to send and receive email and also how to deal with email attachments, which includes opening them and saving them to your computer. You can learn how to do this by consulting the help file of your email program.

Many online universities claim that a computer equipped with Window XP or MAC OS provides the best and most efficient way for online learning. AOL users have difficulty accessing online courses, so you need to have recent version of Internet Explorer installed on your computer. Also, leading online university advise that you enable java script and cookies so you can have the best online learning experience.