Where to Find Inexpensive Books and Supplies for Homeschooling

Finding inexpensive books and supplies for homeschooling is important especially for homeschoolers on a budget. Fortunately, there are various ways to supply the homeschool classroom without breaking the bank. With a little time and knowing where to look, homeschoolers can find these money-saving tools while still providing a well-rounded education for their child.


The best sales to find inexpensive homeschooling supplies are the back-to-school sales. Just prior to children heading back to school in the fall, stores will be competing for your business. A small box of crayons that typically sells for a dollar or more throughout the year can cost as little as a quarter a box during the school sales. These savings extend to all types of supplies – from pencils to notebook paper. The time to stock up on your yearly supplies is during these back-to-school sales.

Dollar-type stores

Some supplies can be found for less at the dollar-type stores. One of the more popular is Dollar Tree where everything sold in the store is a dollar. You need to be a savvy shopper at these types of stores because some items that are a dollar are actually cheaper at the large-chain stores such as Walmart. However, participating Dollar Tree stores have a unique section of teacher supplies and learning aides such as workbooks, bulletin board borders, and even books – all for $1. These stores are also an excellent source for arts & crafts supplies.

Used books and supplies

Frugal shoppers know that purchasing used or second-hand books and supplies can save a lot of money. Used items can be found at yard sales, thrift stores, and library book sales. Many libraries participate in book sales and/or they have an area or shelf where they are giving away unwanted books and magazines.


Supplies such as worksheets, coloring pages, and learning activities are available online; most at no cost. Rather than purchasing an expensive workbook, homeschoolers can find a variety of worksheets via the Internet that can be printed at no cost. There are free worksheets and activities for virtually every topic or subject being studied. Organizational supplies such as lesson plan templates and schedules are also available for free online.


Homeschoolers do not need an expensive e-reader for many of the books available online, and many of the online books, especially the classics, can be downloaded for free. Amazon offers a free PC version of their Kindle. You can download the Kindle books directly to your computer for reading.

For homeschoolers that own an Apple iPad, the Free Books app provides a free e-reader along with access to more than 20,000 free books. Barnes & Noble also offers NOOK apps for iPad, iPhone, and Android phones with many of the NOOK books available for free.


The library is a homeschooler’s best friend. Most local libraries offer more than just books; parents can find movies, educational DVDs, documentaries, and many are offering community activities for children like book reading days and craft classes. For homeschoolers trying to save money, the library is the best source for books and educational materials.