Why Online Colleges are better for Teen Parents

Many teen parents still wish to enter college.  However, that can be a very big challenge if you are caring for a young child.  One good option for someone in this situation might be to try a program at an online college.  The following are some reasons why online colleges are better for teen parents.

You can care for your child while you are studying

Many teen parents do not have someone else to care for their child and cannot afford daycare.  If you have to go to classes at a regular college, it would usually be a problem to bring your child.  Even if the child was asleep he or she could wake up and be loud.  Most professors would not be pleased with such a situation.  With an online college, you can be caring for your child while you are studying or listening to a class online.  You can be feeding him or her or just holding him or her. 

It is easier to care for your child at home

If you are doing schoolwork, your child might be able to keep him or herself busy for a little while.  A baby might be able to be asleep in his or her crib or eating in a high chair.  An older child might be able to keep himself or herself occupied.  Even if the college was okay with you bringing in your child, what would they do for the hours that you are in class?  There is only so many books and activity books that you can do and only so long that most children can be quiet (if at all).  Studying online lets the teen and the child utilize the comforts of home.  This also makes it easier when it comes time to do tasks such as changing diapers.  You are certainly not going to lug your crib, high chair, changing table and so forth to class with you.

The hours are often more flexible, which teen parents might need

When you are a parent, your time is not your own.  You might have to stop here to feed the baby and then later to change a diaper and then later to soothe a crying baby.  At a mainstream college you might be stuck going to class at a certain time.  With online colleges you often can work at the times that work for you.  You might be able to do it once someone comes home and can help you.  You can do it during the baby’s naps.  This flexibility might be all-important for a teen parent.

An online college can be more convenient and easier for a teen parent. The above reasons spell out why this is true.