Why some Parents Choose Homeschooling

Homeschooling is not for every family, but it is a viable form of education. Every day hundreds of families are contemplating the idea of bringing the kids home and out of the classroom.

There are many reasons to homeschool, but the three most popular reasons are religious, poor quality local schools and family convenience.

First of all, families that homeschool for religious reasons do so because they feel called by a higher power to educate their children. Public education does not allow religious training, and private schools are expensive. For many, homeschooling is the only alternative.

Schooling at home not only provides important spiritual training, but it also allows the family to pick and choose what is important, and not so important for their children to learn. For example, sex education can be delayed until parents feel like it is the right time – unlike the public school where children must take sex education when the school district deems it necessary.

Second, it’s no secret that our public education system is failing many students. The “No Child Left Behind Act” has forced many schools to lower their standards so they can continue receiving federal funding. And with parents paying taxes for a failing school system, many cannot afford a private education. This makes homeschooling a very desirable alternative.

Parents cannot only choose which curriculum is best for their children, but they also work one-on-one with their struggling learners. The time spent teaching generally saves on the money spent for a private tutor. Who knows a child better or has a greater investment than the parent?

Last, with crazy work schedules and the busy lifestyle today, it should come as no surprise that many parents choose to school at home. One of the greatest advantages of homeschooling is flexibility. If mom or dad has to work in the evening, the family can enjoy quality time together during the day, then school after the primary bread winner leaves for work. Otherwise, many family members would only see each other one or two days a week.

Homeschooling also allows the family to take vacation any time of the year, or take an adventure with the business-traveling parent. Not only are the children of these road warriors learning the basics, they are also receiving an education on life.

In conclusion, homeschooling allows parents to spiritually train their children, choose the best curriculum for each individual child, and spend greater family time together. Is there any reason to wonder why many families are choosing this alternative way of schooling?