Why some People Homeschool their Children

The decision to homeschool your child is very personal; what works for one family may not work for another. The time has now come for you to either register your child in public school, or meet the requirements set by your state to legally homeschool your little one. If you find yourself undecided, it may help to consider some of the many reasons thousands of homeschooling parents across the Nation give for the decision they made to educate their children themselves.

Religious beliefs are a major factor for a majority of homeschooling families. Their beliefs are the core of their family values which are the foundation of their emotional, social and academic development. This may be something for you to consider depending on your religion and the particular effect it has on your life.

Lack of peer pressure is another factor many parents consider when deciding whether or not to homeschool their children. It is no secret that times have changed; children are more eager to please one another to have a friend or two. This can lead to use of illegal substances, or your child’s involvement in illegal activity. Homeschooling keeps you the primary influence in your child’s life, even through the teen years.

Your child(ren) can progress at their own pace; a pace they are academically comfortable with. This differs from the pressure children face in public schools. Every year public schools are vying for the top spot in the state, or higher test scores to qualify for funding. If you teach your child at home, this pressure is removed and he can enjoy learning as it is meant to be enjoyed.

You can tailor your child’s education around his particular interests, making learning fun for him. Not every child learns the same way, either. If you are homeschooling more than one child, you can devise a learning plan for each that they respond to positively. This diversity enables your children to think independently, and become secure with their convictions. There is no pressure or embarassment, only success.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits homeschooling has to offer is that family life takes precedence over the demands of school. Although school work is vital to your child’s growth and development, on average, your child can complete his work within four to five hours. However, if a family situation arises, such as sickness or the death of a loved one, your child can make his work up over a period of time, and you do not owe an explanantion to anyone.

Homeschooling offers numerous benefits for both parents and children alike; it promotes family bonding and supplies your child with unlimited educational resources. Before saying yes or no to this educational option, think carefully. Your child’s future depends on it.