Youth Development

Community Programs are great way to encourage youth development. There are many way to do this also. You can come together and promote studying, mentoring, and you can also provde education services by teaching the youth. I myself has been in many community programs.I was in a program that taught their participants about technology, how to use technology such as computers, and the proper attire and attitude for a job interview. Being in that program taught me a lot and has helped a lot since the program.

I was also in a program when I was actually metoring younger students and I was being mentored by students older than me also. I learned something about other people and that was a great experience. The point that I am trying to make is that community programs can have a great and useful affect on the youth.

Youth development is very important. It encourges youth to go to college and try to make a better life for themselves. That the life they have now is not all they will ever have. Youth development strengthens kids minds and expands their minds for more learning.

Community prgrams is what the youth need to have. Sometimes there will not be transportation available for some people. Having a program with in walking distance is great. sometimes people don’t always have money for certain programs so a community program that is free is even better.

Community programs are also very welcoming to the youth. Being with people that they know and enjoy doesn’t make them nervous and makes them want to actually participate. I was very nervous when I went a program with complete strangers. When I went to a program in my community I felt at home. I was with my friends and I am sure that other kids will feel the same way.

Community programs are usually more advertised. People will come.If a program is far away from its desired audience the progrm may not be successful. Some people like to stay where they are. So if there is a community program they are most likely going to show up. Community programs advertise free food which is a good way to attract more people. Youth Development is great and I can not think of one negative thing about it.

Youth development in the community can be very welcoming because you are with people like you. People like you make you more comfortable and the program is more comfortable. Communities usually are like a family. They know a lot of their neighbors and they respect them. They may have disagreements but they always talk to them and enjoy their company.