Youth Mentoring and an Experience with Compassion International

Youth mentoring is one of the most effective ways to help our youth today. Every young person needs someone to look up to outside of their family. It does not matter whether or not their family is a good one or not. Every young person needs a mentor. Unfortunately many young people do not have mentors but rather idols. These idols are celebrities and are often the type of celebrities that should not be idolized. These celebrity idols are chosen for their looks or their bad girl/guy image.

In today’s world there are some celebrity idols who are great examples of someone a young person could idolize. However, when a young person begins to idolize one of these “good” idols: Taylor Swift, Lauren Graham, Oprah, etc, they become too consumed in it. They want to be best friends with their idol and they attempt to develop a relationship with a person they will most likely never meet for more than several seconds.

I am currently part of a youth mentoring program known as Compassion International. Compassion is a youth mentoring program that helps children in developing countries. A person may sponsor a child for $38 a month and only one sponsor per child is allowed. This philosophy of Compassion’s is to ensure that the child has one mentor. As a Compassion sponsor of five beautiful, special children, I am a strong supporter. I have watched as through the sending of photos and letters has brought me into a tight bond with these children. I have all five photos hanging up in my room and I love each one as if they were my own sibling or child.

As I exchange letters and photos with these children I do other things. I send them band-aids and stickers, pages from coloring books and always send them both a card and a monetary gift amount on their birthdays. The Compassion staff is always friendly, helpful and easy to work with. If you disbelieve Compassion’s commitment to the children, all one has to do is visit their sponsored child. Compassion is always going on tours to visit Compassion projects and sponsors often come along and visit their child. I am currently saving up for a trip to visit one of my five. I haven’t decided which child yet. I strongly believe in this program and invite all of you to examine it at:

Lastly, I would just like to say that being a mentor is rewarding. I have been a mentor to other children as well and the personal ties are simply unimaginable. It does so much for the student. I was the one being mentored to at one point. It wasn’t as if I was into any trouble but it increased my self-confidence drastically to have a mentor in my life. Begin your mentorship with a child in need today. Visit: