Get rid of your PMS headache fast

By Debi Rideout Many women suffer every month from PMS headaches. PMS means premenstrual syndrome. PMS for a woman starts about five to 11 days before the start of her monthly menstrual cycle. This includes both emotional and physical symptoms. Getting a PMS headache is a very normal symptom to have for a woman. LearnRead More

Are skin tags contagious

Skin tags are a debatable issue, but it is certain that it is not contagious. Before you dwell on the debate on whether such tags are contagious or not, you should know what skin tag is. To be more precise, you should understand how it is formed on the skin’s surface? How it is formedRead More

The Acai Berry Revolution

Today, the Acai Berry (pronounced AH-SIGH-EE) has completely TAKEN OVER the wellness industry by storm and created it’s own revolution. You probably find that funny because up until two years ago no one had heard of it. Today, there are hundreds of acai based products available on the market ranging from smoothies, juices, yogurts, andRead More