Functions of Biotin


Vitamin B8, commonly known as biotin or vitamin H, is classified under vitamin B complex. Biotin is a natural constituent found in almost all foods we consume therefore chances for its deficiency are low. On the other hand, biotin is water-soluble thus not retained by the body, but there are bacteria in the colon andRead More

Drinking Green Tea to Lose Weight

There are many extras you can include in any healthy, well balanced diet that, when combined with a regular exercise plan can really boost your personal weight loss expectations. One of these, which has only relatively recently exploded onto the scene, is drinking tea to lose weight. What is so special about it? Let’s take aRead More

Using Senna Tea – My Story

First of all I know what it feels like to be ‘bunged up’! It’s the worst feeling in the world isn’t it? Well I’m going to reveal to you how senna tea helped me when nothing else would. I am very regular, twice a day like clockwork. Before this incident I had never even thoughtRead More